About Us

Dear Partner,

“Sembodja Bulgaria” LTD is a specialized company for trade and distribution of mineral fertilizers for the agricultural sector as well as raw materials and different industrial chemicals for the Bulgarian industry.

Possessing more than 35 years of experience on the international market and excellent relations with world’s leading producers and traders of fertilizers in Europe, Asia and Africa allows us to supply the most convenient fertilizers for all types agricultural and horticulture products. Our rich product list (more than 30 types of fertilizers) provides the supply of all nutrients for an auspicious and stable growth of the plant. The goal is to boost the soil fertility and achieve maximum yields from each crop.

Our business is predictable, transparent and accurate in executing our contracts. We support long term, relationships with our suppliers and customers.

With the present we give you a hand for establishing a solid and mutually benefiting partnership.

Best Wished for successful Business.

Ventcislav Nekov

“Sembodja Bulgaria”LTD was founded in 1999, in Sofia as a Bulgarian – Holland joint venture entity for trade and distribution. In 2005, the company becomes a specialized firm for international trade and distribution of mineral fertilizers, chemicals and raw materials for the Bulgarian industry.

Our experience allowed us to prepare reliable specialists in the areas of: trade, distribution, logistics and the optimal application of fertilizers, available at your disposal in direct contact for assistance and feedback.


We provide the right fertilizers for a complex nutrition of the plants, at the right place and the most convenient application time.

Goals and Targets

Learning new products and fertilization methods in order to provide the agricultural producers with the right and innovative agronomic solutions for an optimal nutrition and growth of every crop.


  • We offer the richest product list – more than 30 type of fertilizers for every crop throughout the whole year
  • Long term relations with world leading producers and traders of fertilizers
  • Organizing workshops and seminars in order to present the newest products and the most sophisticated technical solutions in the area of plant nutrition
  • Established distribution network of sales representatives
  • Transport and Logistics – reliable and experienced team providing a complete solution in the area of fertilizers from the producer to the final consumer: import, customs clearing, forwarding services, packing, storage and delivery
  • Soil and water analysis supported with agronomical advice and recommendations
  • Preparing fertilization schemes individually for each agricultural producer
  • Constant research and analysis of the fertilizers market
  • Contacts with leading banks specialized in financing the agricultural sector