Analysis and Advice

Soil sampling and analysis

Semobjda Bulgaria created its own chemical laboratory in 2012,as a complement activity to its main business – the distribution of fertilizers. The goal was to help our customers by analyzing their soils and water, to provide a reasonable fertilization solution in order to achieve the optimal yields at the best cost. The lab provides analysis of the main nutrient elements in the soil and water samples, leave tissues in order to provide the most efficient nutrition for the cultivated crop. We work together with top specialists, in plant nutrition, from Europe and Bulgaria developing new methodologies and fertilization schemes in order to provide reliable results that could benefit our customers. We invested in a top level automated soil miser for a precise soil sampling. Together with our rich product list, Sembodja Bulgaria is proud that itis the sole company that can provide a full service regarding plant nutrition to its customers.

Instructions for soil sampling

Soil sampling

Soil Sampling is done by an automated sampling machine that marks different spots on a specific field using a GPS system. It defines and records all the probe spots and determines an average sample, which is then precisely analyzed in our Lab. This guarantees reliability in changes of the soil formation and a way to monitor adjustments throughout the years.

Agrochemical analysis of soil formations

  • Soil acidity (pH)
  • Content of Nitrogen (NO3-N и NH3-N)
  • Content of phosphates (P2O5)
  • Content of Potassium (К2О)
  • Content of Calcium (Ca)
  • Content of Magnesium (Mg)
  • Content of organic matter (humus)

Analysis of Micronutrients

  • Content of Zinc (Zn)
  • Content of Copper (Cu)
  • Content of Boron (B)
  • Content of Molybdenum (Мо)
  • Content of Sulfur (S)
  • Content of Iron (Fe)

Agrochemical analysis of leaf tissue

Chemical analysis of hydroponics solutions

Analysis of technical, cooling and circulating water