Water Treatment Products

“Sembodja Bulgaria” Ltd is an exclusive, authorized representative and distributor for the products of “General Electric Water and Process Technologies” in Bulgaria. “General Electric Water and Process Technologies” is a part of the infrastructure division of General Electric. It includes also “GE Energy” and “GE Oil&Gas”.GELOGO

GEis a world leader in supplying and managing specialized chemicals, created uniquely for water and industrial uses in cooling systems, boiler systems, heating systems, waste water treatment, industrial water treatment in refineries, electrical plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical production,membranes, cleaning and controlling in scale formation, etc.

We offer: Programs and chemicals for cooling water processing (anti-scaling agents, dispersants, anti-corrosion inhibitors, biocides); chemicals for boiler water processing;Cleaning chemicals for membranes in reverse osmosis systems, etc.; Chemicals for waste water treatment – coagulants, flocculants, polyelectrolytes; Equipment for water treatment, etc.