Cooling Water Treatment

Project Detail

Anti-scaling agents

 Many of the soluble salts available in the water have properties to create unwanted formations on the pipes and equipment. The main reasons for scale formations aredueto insoluble deposits caused byhigh content of calcium or magnesium. When the systems are running, the temperature is very high, which causes evaporation of water, but the content of different salts stays and slowly becomes more concentrated, which can be harmful for the installations and different equipment. For that reasons, inorder to protect the systems and environment as well as make the water reusable, GE Water and Process Technologies can provide different solutions.
The anti scaling programs provided byGE Water & Process Technologies help to:

  • High efficiency of the cooling systems (increases productivity and heat transfer
  • Decrease the required volume of water
  • Decrease the cost for waste water treatment
  • Decrease the volume of different fuels
  • Avoid unnecessary stoppages of the systems and installation


Corrosion inhibitors