Foliars, Biostimulants & Correctors

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Foliar Fertilizers

When using foliar fertilizers, the plants absorb the additional nutrient elements much faster and therefore the visible effect is apparent within the next few days (1-3 )compared to soil fertilization. Foliar fertilizers can be applied during the whole vegetative process. The activity of the plant’s root system is improved and the growing is additionally stimulated resulting in higher yields and better fruits. However, the foliar fertilization cannot fully replace the traditional soil application.

It helps in the following cases:

  • Lack of nutrient elements
  • Unsatisfactory pH of the soil
  • Stress conditions
  • Unbalanced soil fertilization
  • Lack of oxygen in the soil
  • Forming a solid leave mass


Biostimulants are various chemical compounds, which are applied into the soil or plants in order to improve the stamina, quality, stress resistance and yields of the crops. They can be applied during the full growing period.

Biostimulants can have the following effects:

  • Improving the metabolism of the plant, increasing the yield and quality of the cultivated crop
  • Improving the resistance of the plant
  • Facilitating the assimilation of nutrient elements
  • Improving the quality of the crops – increasing the sugar content, fruit size, etc
  • Helping for an efficient water usage
  • Stimulate the plant’s root system
  • Improve the soil fertility