Nitrogen Fertilizers

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Urea is the most popular nitrogen fertilizers worldwide. It is a water soluble product with the highest nitrogen content – 46%. That makes it the fertilizer with the highest concentration of active nutrient elements within all nitrogen fertilizers. The nitrogen in the Urea is in an amid form, which during the transformation process converts into ammonia and then nitric form, in order to protect the soil from harmful acidification and supporting the necessary nitrogen balance. The Urea has universal application for all agricultural and horticultural crops, throughout the whole year.



  • Homogeneous product – uniform white granules/prills
  • Highest nitrogen content (N-46%)
  • Universal fertilizer for all types of agricultural and horticultural crops
  • Good transport and storage qualities, free flowing , non-dust –forming
  • Steady spreading due to uniform shape and size of the granules/prills
  • Refined with anti-caking agents
  • Fast ammonification when applied in the soil, when the nitrogen is absorbed by the soil and therefore is preserved from being washed away during cold weather and low temperatures
Product Origin Content Type Specs
Urea Russia N – 46% Granules PDF
Urea Egypt/Algeria N – 46% Granules PDF
Urea Iran N – 46% Granules PDF
Urea Russia N – 46% Prills PDF
Urea Romania N – 46% Prills PDF
Urea Croatia N – 46% Prills PDF


Ammonium Nitrate/АN/

Ammonium Nitrate is a fast absorbing nitrogen fertilizer (34.4 % N), that is used for main fertilization alimentation of the plants and is applicable for all crops and soils with neutral or alkaline pH > 5
The nitrogen is an irreplaceable nutrient in the process of photosynthesis, leaf mass formation, fruit and seed formation, quantity and quality of the yields. During the process of vegetation, the nitrogen in the plants is concentrated into the vegetative organs, which is re-utilized multiple times in the older organs of the new plants and finally as a additional yolk in the grains, which determines its quality. The need of nitrogen during vegetation depends on each different crop, the climate and environmental conditions as well as the forecasted and actual yields. The rich content of nitrogen in the AN, reflects mostly into the yields of the grain crops.

AN Grandulated - SiteAN SAN Sbr - Site AN Georgia - SiteAN - Site

Product Origin Content Type Specs
AN Bulgaria N – 34.4% Prills PDF
AN Georgia N – 34.4% Prills PDF
AN Romania N – 33.5% Granules PDF
SAN* Serbia N – 33.0% Granules PDF

*SAN- Stabilised Ammonium Nirate

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate/КАН/

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate is a neutral nitrogen fertilizer (27 % N), that contains additional nutrient elements such as Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg). The combined content of nitrogen both in nitric and ammonia form makes CAN a multifunctional fertilizer for all types of soils and crops. The excellent granulometry and surface coating facilitates transportation and storing as well as balances spreading of the product on the field.


  • Suitable for application before sowing for acid soils with low pH, in order to reduce the harmful acidity
  • Granulated product with tested quality for prolonged storage
  • Uniform size of the granules for consistent spreading
  • Very efficient product due to the presence of Ca and Mg, that ensure an optimal and balance nutrition of the plants



Product Origin Content Type Specs
CAN Slovakia N – 27% Granules изтегли
CAN Hungary N – 27% Granules изтегли
CAN Turkey N – 27% Granules изтегли
CAN Croatia N – 27% Granules изтегли

Ammonium Sulphate/AS/

Ammonium Sulphate (AS) is a physiologically acid fertilizer, which is not recommended to be applied in acid soils with low pH. This mineral fertilizer contains 21% N and 24 % S and has greyish/yellowish color, with good solubility and low absorbency. It is mostly suitable for soils with high content of carbonates. It is applied mostly prior to sowing of the plants. It is used worldwide for sulphur consuming crops such as rapeseed, rice, etc. It is recommended that the applicable quantity per hca is determined based on an agrochemical analysis of the soil in order to avoid harmful acidification.


Product Origin Content Type Specs
AS Croatia N – 21% / S – 24% Granules PDF
AS China N – 21% / S – 24% Granules PDF
AS Turkey N – 21% / – 24% Crystals PDF
AS Russia N – 21% / S – 24% Crystals PDF

Control release nitrogen fertilizers


  • “Azo 46”is an innovative nitrogen fertilizer of high efficiency containing an exclusive urease inhibitor NBPT. The product is applied like a standard nitrogen fertilizer. The inhibitor content acts to inhibit the ureasic activity delaying the hydrolysis of Urea, so that gas form nitrogen losses (ammonia gas) will be strongly reduced up to 33 % and the gradual release of nitrogen is favoured; in this way the nutrition of the crop is optimal for all the vegetative cycle. The NBPT activity allows the reduction of doses up to 20 % in comparison to traditional fertilizers and favours the distribution of the product without the need of mechanical operations to incorporate the fertilizer in the soil (typical for Urea).

  • “Oro 31” is a new generation nitrogen fertilizer composed by ureic nitrogen and a significant percentage of sulfur. Sulfur, through a particular production process is strongly tied to the nitrogen fraction, in order to create a fusion between these two elements that make the fertilizer more efficient in comparison to the common nitrogen fertilizer, minimizing in this way the losses caused by volatilization and percolation. Sulphur element contained in this product is an important secondary element for plant life, as it is essential for the construction of many amino acids (cysteine and methionine) and consequently enters in all proteins. For that reason the product is particularly indicated for all types of cereals, as it favours the increase of proteins in grains improving both quality and production. Additionally it has a role of sulphur-oxidizing bacteria, that positively influence the solubility of both phosphates contained already in the soil and micro-elements such as: copper, zinc and molybdenum.

  • “Azoto 3” is a slow release nitrogen fertilizer containing two types of nitrogenAZO3TESTthat characterize the different release of this nutrient. This fertilizer unites all advantages of sulphur with the important characteristics of the controlled release of nitrogen. It contains the same urease inhibitor NBPT, that avoids dispersions of the employed nitrogen. For this reason more assimilable nitrogen is available for the roots of the plant, avoiding excessive losses of mineral nitrogen in the soil and atmosphere. The slow release makes this fertilizer mainly available in the stages of plant cycle characterized by higher nutrients needs.
    Sulphur element contained in this product is an important secondary element for the plant’s life, as it is essential for the construction of many amino acids (cysteine and methionine) and consequently it enters in all proteins. For this reason the product is particularly indicated for all types of cereals, as it flavours the increase of proteins in grains improving both quality and yields.

  • “N-Force 40” е иновативен органо минерален азотен тор на базата на вътрешен комплекскойто се състои от серни и разтворими хумати, които предпазват азота, намалявайки загубите при внасяне. Този продукт може да се използва като алтернатива на традиционните азотни торове. Азотът е наличен в четири различни форми (амонячен, амиден, органичен, уреа-формалдехид), с цел да се следват хранителните изисквания на културите и да се минимизират загубите на азот. Комбинацията от азот с хумусни киселини повишава ефикасността на хранителния процес и производствените резултати на отглежданите култури, като гарантира успоредно с това екологични и икономически ползи. Използването на “Н-Форс 40” увеличава способността за асимилация от кореновата система, чрез подобряване на ефективността на азотното торене.

Product Origin Content Type Specs
Azo 46 Italy N – 46% Granules PDF
Oro 31 Italy N – 31% / SO3 – 32% Granules PDF
Azoto 3 Italy N – 35% / SO3 – 23% Granules PDF
N-Force 40 Italy N – 30% / SO3 – 10% / С – 7.5 % Granules PDF