Phosphate Fertilizers

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Triple Superphosphate (TSP)

TSPTESTTriple Superphosphate is a highly concentrated phosphate fertilizer containing 46 % /P2O5 / and it is suitable for application in alkaline and neutral soils. The high concentration of phosphates helps the developing of the plant’s root system, assimilation of water and nutrients from the plants, as well as improving their resistance to stress and low temperatures. This product is applied primarily during the fall campaign, due to the longer needed time for the adoption of the phosphates by the plants. The other – soluble part of the phosphates is assimilated much faster supporting the momentum needs of the plant. Therefore the application of a phosphate fertilizer can supply the necessary /P2O5 / for next campaigns and other crops.

Product Origin Content Type Specs
TSP Bulgaria P2O5 – 46% Granules download