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Murate of Potash MOP


MOP is the most popular potassium fertilizer worldwide. It is obtained by refining natural potassium salts, which makes it an entirely natural product. Being granulated the MOP slows down the assimilation of nutrients in the soil and therefore prolonging their action and boosting the soil fertility.

Product Origin Content Type Specs
MOP Russia KCl – 95% / К2О – 60% Granules download
MOP Russia KCl – 98% / К2О – 62% Crystals download

Sulphate of Potash/K2SO4SOP


Product Origin Content Type Specs
SOP Belgium К2О – 50% / SO452% / Cl – 2 %  Granules download
SOP Belgium К2О – 51% / SO456% / Cl – 0.6% Crystals download